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Artist: The Shivering Denizens Album: Baker-Whiteley review by : Wylde Bill Jackey

In a scene of cookie cutter, follow the leader, satanic, punk-country come a much needed breath of fresh air. It’s not very often I can just leave a cd in the player and just let it go on repeat without getting bored, then luckily The Denizens get plopped in my lap for review. Hailing from Seattle, you can hear hints of influence from another Washingtonian that I am a huge fan of (in a good subtle way), along with all their other listed influences. However, while all the components have been with us for a while, the arrangement is definitely their own. The banjo often reminds me more of the old parlor style you would hear in a frontier town west of the Mississippi or a steam-paddle boat on it, than that of the generally heard Bluegrass playing styles. Now, I’m a Kentucky-Missouri boy and I love my Bluegrass, but it was good to hear something different along with something I personally have been complaining about missing from modern country sounds, the piano. A Rock-a-Billy back beat on the bass, punk rock tempos, all of the vices we all can relate to (or at least most of us have been there at one time or another) all while staying honest and real to honky tonkin’ music is what you are going to get here folks.

This album will keep your toes tappin’, your heels stompin’, and your party goin’. Starting with the title track it’s a go-go-go adventure including serial killers, drinking, cheating women, and getting thumped by Momma’s rolling pin, with a very nice easy let down at the end with “Angel’s Last Waltz”. This whole album is a gem, seriously, it was in my player for four rounds with no skips and I’m ready for another go. Judging strictly by this album alone, it’s not a show I would miss if I could avoid it, and it is completely worthy of your hard earned money.

Here is some live footage from Farmageddon Music Fest 2012


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