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Artist: Ten Foot Polecats Album: Undertow / Review by : Wylde Bill Jackey


Yet another fantastic blues album handed in to me. Ah, the blues; to me you can take any rock song or any country song (or most ANY song from the late 1800s on for that matter) and if you strip it down to the bare cake and throw the tempos out the window, 9 times out of ten you come out with a basic blues song. At that point you can really tell the musicality of the song and what the artist put into it. Enter the Ten Foot Polecats, I honestly wasn’t expecting a blues album judging from all the pictures I had seen of their shows before I got the chance to hear them. This aint yer Pappaw’s blues, the roots are heavily there, but this is heavy, gruff, complex, and our generation of roots resurgence, blues. It is layered instrumentally every bit as good bluegrass, so yeah it jams in its own awesome way. Trying to tell ya’ll how the album feels, all I can say is picture a camp out festival or a honky tonk, the music is driving and folks are dancing and beer is flying and all us gritty folks are having a grand ol’ time. Yep, that’s the best I can do, this would be at home in the early 70s but it’s more than up to our times as well. For me, there is not an off note in the whole album, 11 gems here guys. “Shibble” drives so hard, “Someday (Your Pain is Gonna End)” closes perfectly and softer, “Moonshine and Mud” doesn’t disappoint the name. I personally fully love “Worried Sick” and its ballad style, there aren’t enough of these around anymore, and less that do it well. I will say in the month that I have had this and waited for the spare time to write this, that song in particular stays in my head. Yall go get this album, give these guys a like, go see them live, and just show them the love in general… They ARE the killer REAL DEAL.  

This video is so awesome man …. ~andy

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